A little thought can make all the difference

3 Beach Vacation Tips

I can’t help it, safety takes no vacation.  Though I do take vacation, I can’t help but notice what people do to compromise their safety, both in the immediate and long term. So while sitting under a nice canvas umbrella today, my mind nagged for this post. I know that the people I saw knowContinue Reading

6 Ways To Override Safety

The helmet law for motorcyclists is a frequently argued regulation.   In the late 1960’s, the federal government began to make highway construction funds contingent on states having laws requiring helmet use for all motorcycle riders. This was eventually undone, and states began the long process of considering repeal of their laws. The whole cycle beganContinue Reading

3 Questions – Is Your First Answer Correct?

Your personal safety is determined one decision at a time. Sometimes you are dependent on the decisions of others. Other drivers, your doctor, the guy who puts new brakes in your car. But how does your personal decision process work? Do you know? Take a moment to answer these three questions: A ball and aContinue Reading

2 Situations, an Either-Or Choice in Each

Do you know much about your own decision processes? Are you risk-averse? We think differently depending on how the choices are stated. Consider this situation: You have to choose between either – an 80% chance of winning $4,000 with a 20% chance of winning nothing or – a 100% chance of receiving $3,000 Then lookContinue Reading

7 Ways To Improve Financial Safety

Most of the time I write about personal safety. Precautions you can take to prevent accidental injury you yourself, your family, or co-workers. Safety is also a word often used to imply security. And many times we feel secure because there is no information to tell us otherwise. That doesn’t mean that we can’t beContinue Reading

6 Safety Ideas For Your Wallet

My interest in safety began when I experienced a “near-hit” incident early in my engineering career, and when I realized how many of the equipment operators I had known were missing some of their digits. At that time of my life, I was enjoying playing piano and guitar, and I couldn’t imagine what it wouldContinue Reading

Let’s Vote On Safety

I’m not a high volume traveler, but in the last 6 months I have traveled on a more frequent basis. And by travel I mean fly from Atlanta to about three other places with some regularity. I have the flights I would like to get on, and the ones that I try to avoid. AndContinue Reading

Good Luck or Bad Luck?

In a post last year, I told of an employee who felt he was unlucky because of the accident he was involved in. In truth, he was incredibly lucky that he wasn’t killed. Luck is a funny thing. We use the terms good luck and bad luck to signify opposite concepts, but when we useContinue Reading

7 Tips for Runners – Race Day Edition

Last year I wrote a couple of lists about running. The first was for people considering taking up running, and the second was about preparing for a specific running event. Today’s list is for the day of the race. Last weekend, as part of my first 20,000 days celebration, I ran my second half marathon.Continue Reading

Safety on Vacation

Mrs. SBC and I are taking some well-deserved time off, but here on the first day of vacation I saw two instances of negative outcomes easily avoided. This morning we took a walk along the beach in the picture here, and a lone surfer was enjoying mild wave action. Later in the day, around lunchtime,Continue Reading