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Luck and Lottery – Part 2

At the end of the Part 1 post, I proposed a couple of acronyms: Lottery – Highly Improbable Favorable Outcome (HIFO), I have to consciously decide to buy the ticket. Safety – Highly Improbable Disastrous Outcome (HIDO), I consciously and unconsciously buy tickets. The basic idea I am working from here is that to win the lottery, you needContinue Reading

Luck and Lottery – Part 1

The most frequently heard lottery stories seem to be related to the misfortune of winning. There are news stories and television programs devoted to the exploration of how winning the lottery results in breakdown of the individual or family involved. We don’t however learn about the countless many who win and do not go onContinue Reading

Could You Drive From the Right?

Coming home from work today, I was behind this car in Atlanta traffic, and it struck me that there would be a number of challenges facing even the most experienced driver if they were to find themselves behind the wheel. Turning would be different. You could easily underestimate the position of the car now thatContinue Reading

The Backpack Lean

RSI, or Repetitive Stress Injury, is a dreaded acronym. Employers fear it for the associated worker’s comp costs, and individuals fear it for the possible impact on quality of life. There are many things we do everyday, not just in our workplaces, but in our homes and in just going about our daily business thatContinue Reading

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Important at Home, Too

In all my years in manufacturing, the subject of  Personal Protective Equipment caused more debate and dissension than you might imagine. What you have to wear, when you have to wear it, if you can have facial hair, your obligation to care for the equipment or share the costs are all topics that sometime evenContinue Reading

Safety in Numbers

I was always good in math, but I was never fond of statistics. Studying engineering in college, I had to take a class called Statistics For Engineers, which was really just like any other stats class, except the questions pertained to engineering problems. My friends assumed that meant the questions were along the lines of:Continue Reading

3 Beach Vacation Tips

I can’t help it, safety takes no vacation.  Though I do take vacation, I can’t help but notice what people do to compromise their safety, both in the immediate and long term. So while sitting under a nice canvas umbrella today, my mind nagged for this post. I know that the people I saw knowContinue Reading

Let’s Vote On Safety

I’m not a high volume traveler, but in the last 6 months I have traveled on a more frequent basis. And by travel I mean fly from Atlanta to about three other places with some regularity. I have the flights I would like to get on, and the ones that I try to avoid. AndContinue Reading

Safety on Vacation

Mrs. SBC and I are taking some well-deserved time off, but here on the first day of vacation I saw two instances of negative outcomes easily avoided. This morning we took a walk along the beach in the picture here, and a lone surfer was enjoying mild wave action. Later in the day, around lunchtime,Continue Reading

When Workflows Change

It was busy at my house over the holidays. The kids and their spouses, our college son, and 3 dogs were all there at once. When there are special events in your home, work patterns change. In particular, there is more time spent in the kitchen preparing, serving, eating and cleaning. The kitchen is fullContinue Reading