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Luck and Lottery – Conclusion

In Part 1 and Part 2, I was explaining the relationship of chance-taking and outcome. Specifically, we wait in line to buy tickets for highly improbable though favorable outcomes (lottery), and we take chances on unfavorable outcomes because we think they are highly improbable (many other aspects of our lives). We do the former outContinue Reading

Could You Drive From the Right?

Coming home from work today, I was behind this car in Atlanta traffic, and it struck me that there would be a number of challenges facing even the most experienced driver if they were to find themselves behind the wheel. Turning would be different. You could easily underestimate the position of the car now thatContinue Reading

Signage – Do We Care About the Font?

You may have heard the story at the end of September that a Federal mandate is requiring that all street signs be changed to a font called “Clearview” and that signs are not ALL CAPS. The reason is simple enough – the easier a sign is to read, the less a driver’s attention is takenContinue Reading

Texting With Integrity

Driving is hazardous. It also can be time-consuming, particularly if you live far from work or take a crowded commute. And as I pointed out on my list last week, people sometimes compromise their safety in the name of expediency – they text while driving. In the world of industrial safety, companies who excel doContinue Reading

The Moment of Choice

In this blog I try and present ideas that would give people an opportunity to discuss options, to make choices. Everything we do is decisionable, and we are frequently on autopilot. But if we learn to make the best decisions with each action we take, when the moment of decision is quick we will haveContinue Reading

Rain, Rain Go Away

For the last couple of years, parts of Atlanta have had watering restrictions and some minor water conservation efforts. In my county, we have had two types of restrictions. Last summer we were not permitted to use water outside. People were advised to water plants and shrubs with water from their sinks or tubs. Or,Continue Reading

How’s My Driving – Revisited

A few posts back I wrote about an incident in which a failed to respond to a traffic signal at the correct time and nearly caused an accident. No one honked or yelled at me, which would not have corrective effect, but my own recognition caused me to understand what happened, and I expect toContinue Reading

Car In the Water – What Do You Do?

It’s not a frequent occurrence, but sometimes cars end up in the water. Failures can happen as with an Interstate 35 bridge collapse in Minnesota two years ago. Or their supports get compromised by swift currents as in the example from the New York State Thruway. When hurricane Ivan hit in 2004, sections of InterstateContinue Reading

How’s My Driving?

Late morning Sunday we were driving in an area of Atlanta we were not familiar with. We had a general sense of where our destination was, and so we were not inclined to use the GPS. When we got near our destination, I began to realize the final navigation might be harder than I thoughtContinue Reading

8 Reasons Why People Don’t Wear Seatbelts

When I worked on a massive hiring project, we were trying to learn about peoples’ thought processes for their personal safety, and we asked in the interview if they wore seat belts or not. Most people replied that they did, and stated the law required it, but many people still offered that they didn’t. TheyContinue Reading