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In a Hurry? Breathe!

If you were invited to review a pile of accident reports from a company that utilizes a good investigation process, you will see that several factors contribute to most accidents. A very consistent error is related to human behavior. Accidents happen most frequently when people feel rushed, or when they are frustrated by the problemsContinue Reading

Exploration is Never Done

About a week ago I brought up the idea of the safety warrior. This is the safety guy who works tirelessly against all things that threaten the safety of the employees he is charged with protecting. The fact is, he can’t do it alone. He needs help. One of the people who can provide helpContinue Reading

Is Safety an Illusion?

I have been in dozens of manufacturing facilities. Everything from steel foundries to car assembly plants to wire brush manufacturing. Safety is promoted in many ways in each of them, and some companies are able to brag about their significant accomplishments in safety. Anyone who has seen this knows that the measures are most oftenContinue Reading

How’s My Driving – Revisited

A few posts back I wrote about an incident in which a failed to respond to a traffic signal at the correct time and nearly caused an accident. No one honked or yelled at me, which would not have corrective effect, but my own recognition caused me to understand what happened, and I expect toContinue Reading

How’s My Driving?

Late morning Sunday we were driving in an area of Atlanta we were not familiar with. We had a general sense of where our destination was, and so we were not inclined to use the GPS. When we got near our destination, I began to realize the final navigation might be harder than I thoughtContinue Reading

13 Frequently Given Answers – Supervisory Edition

A few weeks, ago, my Monday list was fueled by the many excuses I have heard when doing accident investigations. This week, I offer the supervisory side of the FGA’s, based on actual investigations I have been part of through the years. Fortunately, most of these represent the the first 15 years of my career,Continue Reading

I’ll Take Door Number Three

Let’s Make a Deal, starring Monty Hall, was a very popular daytime TV show in my childhood. Monty would find crazed contestants who would trade something trivial to get into the game, and then negotiate upward until they quit or they got a dud of a prize. Sort of like the One Red Paperclip story,Continue Reading

Always Make New Mistakes

Does someone have to be blamed for every accident? Isn’t it OK, at least once and a while, to conclude that “shit happens” at the end of an accident investigation? As long as we avoid ever making this mistake in the future? For many people, closure seems to require that someone is blamed. Whether youContinue Reading