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5 Steps for Protecting Those Fingers

thimblesIn some industries, you can walk into a facility and within ten minutes find at least one person that is missing part of a hand. A thumb, a fingertip, or even several fingers.

I play instruments. Keyboard and guitar primarily. Loss of even one part of one finger changes everything. But even day-to-day living is challenged by the loss of a small part of your hand, and loss by accident can be avoidable. There are things we can do to increase the likelihood that we will avoid injury to those precious digits.

  1. Protect them in the cold. Keep you hands in your pockets, wear gloves, just take precautions in cold weather. Frostbite is nasty.
  2. If your work is tough on your hands, wear protective gloves. The exact glove you need depends on the task at hand (oops, sorry for the pun!) but your hand can be protected while you manage many hand-intensive tasks.
  3. Good grooming. Keep your nails trimmed and avoid picking at cuticles or biting your nails. Very bad habits as they can lead to infection.
  4. Don’t reach in! A good friend tried to unclog his snow blower after the engine was shut off. Unfortunately there was some stored energy in the impeller system and he lost some fingers. Ouch.
  5. Don’t multitask when using a knife. Cutting vegetables, trimming meat, or whatever you do with a knife requires concentration. If you can’t focus on the task, put the knife down.

Do you have a particular hobby that requires unique protection? Let us know what steps you take.

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3 Responses to 5 Steps for Protecting Those Fingers

  1. AlexisNo Gravatar says:

    All three of us had on our gloves for my run today thanks to your list. Usually I forget mine once I get the kiddos bundled up, but not today.
    Happy New Year!


  2. abdpbtNo Gravatar says:

    Uggh, the snowblower story! That’s terrible.


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