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The Moment of Choice

choices2In this blog I try and present ideas that would give people an opportunity to discuss options, to make choices. Everything we do is decisionable, and we are frequently on autopilot. But if we learn to make the best decisions with each action we take, when the moment of decision is quick we will have trained ourselves to make a correct decision – a safe decision.

When my son was first driving, he told me he thought he was a good driver. I told him he was, but that the real test is how he would handle the vehicle and himself when the unexpected happens. A tire failure. An animal runs in front of the car. Driving in a snowstorm. Now he’s 27, and he’s a better driver than he was before, because he’s gained experience and learned from that. He’s had many “moments of choice” when he had to call on his knowledge or experience to turn into the skid, or ease slowly to the side of the road, or take whatever maneuver the situation may have called for.

If you are in a job that has anything to do with people, especially leading or training them in any way, safety is part of your profession, whether you acknowledge it or not. You are in a position to help prevent accidents and injuries. For you, the moment of choice is happening constantly. You are looking at the equipment, the machinery, the workers, the office, the conditions all around you and trying to make them all flow together in a way that is good for your business. And the safest possible way is good for business.

Have you had a moment of choice today? I’ll bet you have. It may have been a choice regarding taking that cell phone call in the car, or even considering reading or answering a text message while driving. Maybe it was walking through a factory, you saw someone doing something that could be done with far less risk, and you took the time to point out the alternative, or you chose not to.

Did you have a moment of choice this week that you can point to as one that made a big difference, either for your own safety or those you work with? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks, and let’s be careful out there.

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  1. I did indeed learn something this week and made better choices because of it. I was not aware of a hybrid vehicle waiting to pass me while on a walk. The road had no sidewalk and I was walking a bit too far into the lane. Since we were going downhill, the hybrids gas engine was off and I did not hear it at all. I saw someone walking in the opposite direction looking at me with some concern in their eyes, this alerting me that something was amiss.
    I made a mental note of no longer thinking that not hearing a car means there is not a car nearby and to double up on my visual awareness of my surroundings


    TimNo Gravatar Reply:

    Thanks for a great example, Larry. Technological advances mean change and adjustment. I’ve heard of this problem in parking lots as well. People don’t hear a hybrid coming up behind them.


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