A little thought can make all the difference

Rain, Rain Go Away

tiretreadwearindicators_FullFor the last couple of years, parts of Atlanta have had watering restrictions and some minor water conservation efforts. In my county, we have had two types of restrictions. Last summer we were not permitted to use water outside. People were advised to water plants and shrubs with water from their sinks or tubs. Or, you could just not plant anything that required routine watering. That’s my approach.

This year the restrictions have been loosened a bit, and we can use water outdoors three days a week.

Not having had much rain, people aren’t used to driving in heavy rain.  Rain like we have seen over the last week. Lawns are green and full, we haven’t seen the sun for several days, and it seems we hardly get a stretch of more than 2-3 hours with no rain. Good for the water supply, bad for driving.

When is it that most people realize they need new wiper blades? When it is raining and their vision is compromised.

When is it that most people realize their tires are overly worn? When it is raining and they realize their tires are drifting in puddles or they are hydroplaning when the rain is heavy. Not good.

As aware as I am about these kind of items, I was reminded again in the rain this week that my wipers need to be replaced. As soon as the weather gets better, I’ll stop at the auto parts store and get the replacements. If I remember.

Don’t just try and remember these little details. Schedule them. Write them down so you can get them corrected before you need them. Do you know the condition of your wipers? How worn are your tires – can you see the markers put there as a warning? Don’t let “I forgot” turn into “I regret”.

Let’s be careful out there.

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