A little thought can make all the difference

Are You a Magoo?

magooOne of my favorite cartoon characters is Mr. Magoo. A nearsighted senior citizen, Mr. Magoo’s best-known work is probably his portrayal of Scrooge in A Christmas Carol.

In his cartoon series, his nearsightedness is the basis of continual gags, as he walks from hazard to hazard, just avoiding disaster each time. It’s as though he has his own guardian angel carefully steering him on a clear path. At all times he is unaware of the many dangers he has avoided.

When it comes to safety, we can’t count on having the same result as we walk through life. The things we don’t see are the things that are most likely to get us. So we have to be aware. And if you are a team leader or a safety manager, you have an obligation to help others be aware as well.

How do you do that?

Daily. Weekly. Monthly. You do it through routine, just as any other skill is learned. You teach people awareness. You teach them how to identify risk that they may not have considered. We all need to help employees by “opening their eyes” to see more broadly.

Do you have a Magoo? What are you doing to help him out?

Let’s be careful out there.

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