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We all Need a Kick in the Pants (Sometimes)

kickWhen I was first made a team leader in my work, I knew all the people who would be working for me and wondered how I was going to get them working together in a way that no one else had. Then I found this awesome book – A Kick in the Seat of the Pants.

Author Roger von Oech explains how it takes several different types of people to bring real solutions into being and make them last. I read the book and took a look at my new team. I was long on Warriors. These guys got their jobs by being fighters every day. They went out on the shop floor and worked side by side with the operators in problem solving and maintenance tasks. They barked orders and grabbed the reigns and made sure that stuff got done.

The next day they would do it all over again.

The problem with this behavior in leading safety is that you can’t power your way through safety issues. You can’t order people to be more safe, you can’t fight off an accident. If it happens it happens.

Are you a Warrior? Perhaps you are one of the other types. I’ll cover them in the next few Wednesdays and you can tell us all where you fit.

Let’s be careful out there.

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