A little thought can make all the difference

Safety and Celebrations – Caution Rules

celebration1My son is getting married this weekend. We have had the good fortune of seeing him grow with his fiancee over the last three years. And as with his older sister and her choice for marriage, we believe that they will do well in life together.

With weddings comes travel and many celebrations. This week alone has had trips to the airport, gatherings for meals with relatives and members of the bridal party, and general errand running.

It’s sometimes hard to remember that each day is an average day for everyone else, and that the importance of what you are doing to prepare for a celebration is something others are generally not aware of. I could get frustrated by the lack of cooperation in traffic, or I could just take it easy and realize that worry and anger will not get me to my destination faster. And certainly not safer.

As we approach these last few days, I have reminded the young people involved to take extra precautions. Use designated drivers. Don’t get so caught up in the fun of the moment that you forget to stay grounded.

I’m excited about the next few days. I have family in town, as does my wife. We are thrilled that our son has found a soulmate. But each day, without being a bore to others, I will take the time to look at what’s happening and identify anything that we could be doing to assure just a little more safety for all concerned.

How about you? Do you take personal safety in daily activities for granted? Can you make anything you do just a little bit safer?

Let’s be careful out there.

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