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Here Comes the Judge!

gavelOver the last few weeks, I have written about characteristics that we each display in our work. Along with the Warrior, the Explorer, and the Artist, we all have a little bit of a Judge inside. He or she frequently advises the rest of the team of the value in their ideas or in an assessment of their actions.

Your Judge checks against the defined principles and rules if the action taken was within guidelines or if the accepted practices were broken. Sometimes the judge is called upon to determine if a new recommended practice should replace a longstanding one. Is it safer? Is it easier to follow? Ask the judge.

We need all four aspects of these types, and yet we are usually not equally strong in each one. So when you are investigating, designing new practices, developing engineering solutions, or doing a job hazard analysis, it might help to make sure you bring all four viewpoints along. And if you can’t find them all in yourself, how about inviting others to participate? Give them a role and let them play it out. You might find yourself with a better solution and a stronger safety culture.

Is your judge harsh? Does the Judge stomp on the Artist, or shackle the Warrior? Is your Explorer too far out in front? Which is your strength?

Thanks, and let’s be careful out there.

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