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8 Frequently Given Answers – Management Response

report2Accident investigations are essential for improving safety. There are many American companies who manage safety well and do a good job of investigation and resolving problems.

I have submitted lists before of employee answers and supervisor answers to investigations questions. This last list in the series are the answers that management gives in companies do not manage safety well. These FGA’s are not from my current company, but I have used them as examples in training others to do investigations, to help contrast effective resolution from rationalization.

  1. Our record is consistently strong.
  2. We have trained employees to not do what the injured employee did. He made a bad decision.
  3. That machine is guarded correctly. The employee made a bad choice.
  4. The supervisor usually stops people when they are doing what the injured employee did.
  5. That equipment meets OSHA guidelines.
  6. We are committed to the safety of our employees.
  7. The employee should have shut the machine down.
  8. No one has been hurt that way before. It must have been a fluke.

There is one last set of FGAs to look at. What good management does. We’ll see that list soon.

As always, let’s be careful out there.

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2 Responses to 8 Frequently Given Answers – Management Response

  1. abdpbtNo Gravatar says:

    Management tends to be good at passing the buck or deflecting blame. I wonder how much of this is inspired by what they worry will become liability some day?


    TimNo Gravatar Reply:

    I’ve been pretty fortunate in working for companies that take safety seriously. Been in enough other factories to know that there is some real corporate neglect going on. I’ve trained my kids to refuse to do work they feel cannot be done safely. Better to risk termination than to risk life or limb. You can get a new job, but you can’t ever get back that moment of choice.


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