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5 Reasons to Take a Real Vacation

vacationTime off from work. We all love it and look forward to it. Sometimes we spend time off on family events, and sometimes we plan to get away and do something we do not get the chance to do normally.

My company offers a generous policy, and as a long-term employee I get plenty of time off. Some I use to get things done around the house, some to visit family, but this last week was a combination of working around the house, just taking it easy and reading or watching movies a couple of rainy days, and getting away with my wife of 22 years to celebrate our anniversary.

I used to cash-in some vacation, but now I plan to use it all. Here are the big reasons why.

  1. To be my best at work, I need to get work out of my thinking space once in a while.
  2. To be my best for my family, I need to dedicate time to them. No work email. No phone calls.
  3. To be my best for me, I need to keep my exercise routine, and time off gives me a great opportunity to get to my routine back.
  4. Getting completely away from my normal environment is very freeing.
  5. It’s great to get paid without even thinking about work!

All things considered, a well-rested and clearer thinking employee is likely to make better decisions regarding his personal safety as well.

Is vacation just time away from work for you? Or do you use it as a way to re-boot and start fresh?

Let’s be careful out there!

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2 Responses to 5 Reasons to Take a Real Vacation

  1. AlexisNo Gravatar says:

    I totally agree with all of this. My husband works a lot and I always encourage him to use any leave her earns for these exact reasons. Well, that and the fact that you better use it now because it is not like you get to use any on a sea tour, but really, it is so much better for us all as a family to do so.


    TimNo Gravatar Reply:

    Alexis- The whole systems for earning leave is still a little off. As I have worked longer, I get a greater amount of leave as a reward, but now my children are grown and there is less of that family time to take. But this year we have been really conscious of building in some time not only in front of my son’s wedding, but also about a month later so we can just relax without any more planning details.


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