A little thought can make all the difference

The Big But Problem

big_butt_chairNo, I didn’t spell it wrong, I don’t mean that kind of butt!

This BBP stems from making excuses:

  • I’d wear my seat belt BUT I don’t want to wrinkle my clothes
  • I’d go get the ladder to change that light bulb, BUT it is out in the garage and this chair is much more handy.
  • I wouldn’t be speeding normally, BUT I was running a little late today.

Big buts can obscure our view — of the facts.

I chose this theme this week because last week I had several interactions where the big but problem was everywhere.

  • “We could meet this design criteria as we are currently organized, but…..
  • “That would be a good approach, but….
  • “We have these capabilities already, but….

We all have to remember to not let big buts get in the way.

How about it, are there any big buts holding you back?

Oh, and let’s be careful out there!

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