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Poison Control or 911?

poison_controlTechnology is our friend. We have access to information in an instant. Or at least a couple of instants. You know the number to 911 (duh!) but do you know the number to Poison Control – or when to call them?

When I was a kid, there was  a sticker inside the kitchen sink cabinet that had a skull and crossbones along with the local number for a poison control center. The sticker was there because that is where most people stored their cleaners. And in most cases, cleaners were either acidic or caustic, and had mysterious chemical formulations. If someone were to ingest them, you needed to know the best immediate solution, and you called that number.

So Heather at Enclaria asked me who you call in that type of emergency today, poison control or 911? After all, she specializes in helping people manage change, so as reporting systems have changed, what is the right approach?

If you live in California, call 911, because with all of their funding problems, the state is eliminating funding of poison control.

But wouldn’t you think that poison control is more prepared to help you quickly, whereas the 911 operator is more like triage?

If I knew where to find the poison control number (see the graphic above), I would call there. Then I would look for another phone to call 911 (because I still have a land line and a cell phone).

How would you approach this problem?

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