A little thought can make all the difference

Living in Perpetual Autopilot

Being there2Has this ever happened to you:

You find yourself in a situation of your own making that was unlike you. It had to be a mistake.  You start to come up with some sort of explanation or rationalization. “I was on autopilot.” “I wasn’t thinking.” “I don’t know what came over me.”

The truth is, Being There (great movie by the way) is very difficult. Staying in the moment is a challenge. Our minds want to take us somewhere. Sometimes anywhere else than where we are! The movie Being There is about someone who is only in the moment. It works well for Peter Sellers‘ character, but the rest of us might have trouble trying to maintain in that world. So many things happen to him in the movie that we might find embarassing, but Chance the gardener just moves forward.

We can’t always live so simply. When we forget to pay attention to all we are doing when we are using tools, driving, working in the kitchen, it can lead to more than an embarrassing moment, it can lead to an accident.

Don’t let a momentary lapse become a permanent problem. Keep in the moment as much as possible, and use autopilot when you are relatively safe.

Thanks, and let’s be careful out there.

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