A little thought can make all the difference

Learn Something New


Times move fast. Technology changes. New ideas get created and implemented. And sometimes we stay stuck in what we first learned. The biggest place where we see this is in computer technology. It seems as soon as someone creates a new program, the process of finding a better way to do the same thing begins. It’s hard to keep current with new software, but if we observe those using it, we can learn tips and shortcuts and improve our capability.

You choose your actions daily. You choose how fast to drive. You choose to hold a handrail or not. You may engage in a lot of low-risk behavior, but it’s not no-risk behavior. Observe someone who you think does things safely. Maybe you can identify even one thing that you can do differently (more safely) in your life. It might be using equipment like a lawn mower differently, or stretching more before exercising. You might discover something someone else does that leads you to an even better idea. Even if it’s not a million dollar innovation, it might be an idea that makes a difference.

Let’s be careful out there.

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