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How’s My Driving – Revisited

2497453_stuntA few posts back I wrote about an incident in which a failed to respond to a traffic signal at the correct time and nearly caused an accident. No one honked or yelled at me, which would not have corrective effect, but my own recognition caused me to understand what happened, and I expect to prevent a future incident.

The title of the post did generate a response from reader Paul that I had not considered. I had never thought about the effectiveness of the “How’s My Driving” bumper stickers that trucking companies use. Do you think they make a difference?

The insurance industry thinks they do. Not the stickers themselves, but the way in which the industry uses them. They do not use responses generated by the notices for punishment, but to provide more focused training. And the results are pretty good.

In a study analyzing the impact of behavior-based training, there were reductions of over 50% in the number of vehicle crashes following full implementation of the notices and corresponding training. There were many other measures, almost all showing some improvements credited to this approach.

So how do you get your feedback on your driving? Is there room for improvement? Got a number for us to call to compliment or challenge your skills?

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