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13 Frequently Given Answers – Supervisory Edition

report2A few weeks, ago, my Monday list was fueled by the many excuses I have heard when doing accident investigations. This week, I offer the supervisory side of the FGA’s, based on actual investigations I have been part of through the years. Fortunately, most of these represent the the first 15 years of my career, and by the second 15, accountability had improved.

  1. It wasn’t the employee’s fault
  2. It was the employee’s fault
  3. I never told him to do that
  4. I had instructed him the right way to do that
  5. He never pays attention in safety meetings
  6. It was his fault
  7. I told the mechanic (electrician, pipefitter, etc.) to fix that problem yesterday
  8. It wasn’t my fault
  9. I’ve never seen the machine do that before
  10. We were trying to get production out
  11. We’ve all done what he did hundreds of times without getting hurt
  12. I told him if he was going to reach in like that he had to be quicker
  13. It’s not my fault

In a few weeks, we’ll take a look at how management eventually summarizes this kind of input in the final list on this topic.

Let’s be careful out there.

Lists on Monday are influenced by Anna at abdpbt. Her lists are more clever. Lots.

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  1. abdpbtNo Gravatar says:

    You flatter me! This list reminds me of the explanations I would get when I spent a year teaching sixth grade.


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