A little thought can make all the difference

Technology Brings Change, and More Safety Risks

My son turned 20 recently, and I was thinking about how he has grown up surrounded by technology. If I recall correctly, his first word was “rewind”. In those two decades, the VCR has started on its path to extinction, and technology has taken a stronger role in the lives of most people.

Technology keeps coming at us so fast, and we seem so anxious to learn how to use it to enhance our lives and potentially make us more “productive”. But it’s also distracting, and sometimes too convenient. It’s easy to grab the cell phone and put it in your pocket so it is with you wherever you go.

I went to the grocery store the other day and didn’t take my cell phone with me. For me, that’s like not having a list because usually I get a call while I’m there to get one or two more items. But it didn’t matter. No one tried to call me, and I didn’t have to go back to the store for something else. Most importantly, I was not tempted to answer the phone or make a call while driving.

As new technologies and tools enter our lives, we are eager to see how they can be put to the best use. Unfortunately, we don’t always look at how the use of the technology may interfere with other tasks, and may introduce a hazard we don’t immediately recognize.

Please consider how a simple device can represent a hazard when used at the wrong time, when it diverts your attention from something more important – like driving. Are you taking any unnecessary risks when using technology? Do you know people who are increasing their risk of injury by inappropriate attention to gadgets?

Thanks, and let’s be careful out there.

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