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Summer Travel – Trips by Car

speedometerWhen my family takes long trips by car, we are conscious of the halfway point, as though the second half is easier than the first half. It might feel that way, as though we’re almost there, but we need to give those last few hundred miles the same attention and care as we did the first half of the trip.

In fact, for the second half, you need to be more attentive to your state of mind and your attention level. Fatigue and boredom frequently take over on a long drive, and it is important to recognize when it might be affecting your performance. I have pulled over for a short nap a couple of times over the years, because I just didn’t feel safe continuing on.

Most people know the basics of making sure the car is in a good state of operation before a trip, but what about the operator? When taking a long trip, try and pay attention to how you feel, and utilize a simple strategy like the one outlined below to assure safe driving.

  1. Take frequent stops, not just for fill-ups.
  2. Keep hydrated – it may lead to more frequent stops for the restroom, but it also helps keep you comfortable.
  3. Consider caffeine in limited quantities. Too much can agitate you, which is not a good state for many driving conditions.
  4. Have the appropriate planning of driving through cities to know when the bypass is a better option than the highway through town. Enough information is available by Internet that you can identify construction zones and problem areas. Know your options!

I hope you enjoy your summer travel this year, whatever your destination.

Thanks, and let’s be careful out there.

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