A little thought can make all the difference

Peak Performance Includes Managing the Peaks

We’re hitting the annual peak period – peak workloads, peak vacation periods, peak family demands, peak heat loads, it seems like peak everything happens from June into September.

These kinds of peaks also lead to peak frustration, peak exhaustion, and peak tensions. For many of us, the economy and its effect on our personal situation adds even more weight.

When we get the busiest and when work and family demands increase, we find ourselves working through problems almost continuously. And when our minds are on those problems and those demands, we are most susceptible to putting our task work on automatic. We are most susceptible to forgetting about little things that could be important in preventing big injuries.

Don’t let the peaks of summer turn into new lows. Don’t forget the little things we can do to manage the heat, the stress, and the work. Drink water, use sunscreen, and take a break from whatever you are doing from time to time. Thanks, and let’s be careful out there.

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