A little thought can make all the difference

It’s Good To Investigate

One thing about accidents is that we can usually spot after the fact exactly how we could have avoided them. Often we are embarrassed by the result of a post-incident investigation. Being human means that we will make mistakes. The key is that we learn from them. That’s why investigation procedures in some businesses are held for minor accidents in the same way they are for severe losses.

In home safety, I know of no one who has formal incident investigations like those that exist in the workplace, but most people learn to do things differently when they experience a negative outcome. The next time they take on the same chore, they may at least stop and think about how they could avoid the consequences of the last time at that task. If we were to document incidents in the home, I would guess that a frequent cause would be improper use of tools or equipment, like standing on a chair instead of a proper ladder.

Did you have a personal accident or near-accident in the last several weeks? What did you do to eliminate the possibility of future loss from a similar incident? In what area of your life have you made a conscious effort to improve the safe outcome? Your driving? Household projects? Let others know and maybe they will be safer too!

Thanks, and let’s be careful out there.

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