A little thought can make all the difference

“Of Course I Work Safely!”

No one likes to think they are careless with their personal safety. But it happens all the time. A large percentage of industrial accidents are due to human error, and all too frequently due to the error in judgement of the injured employee.

As a former manager, I have seen too many accident reports or investigations that reach this conclusion. The individual knew that there was risk, but thought they were careful enough to avoid it. I have seen good companies with the best of intentions teach employees all they need to know and do to stay safe, but in the heat of battle, people forget themselves and take a chance.

There has been a lot of work done in the field of behavior-based safety, which is a modern day phrase meaning “use common sense”. I hope that my posts cause you to think differently, and perhaps more completely about the risks in your workplace and what you can do to minimize or even eliminate the likelihood of injury.

I invite you to comment on entries, make suggestions for future posts, and even call me out when your experience tells me I’m wrong. Any conversation has the potential for eliminating more unsafe acts and may even save a life.

Thanks, and lets be careful out there.

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