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13 Frequently Given Answers – Safety Investigations

Safety Investigations are serious matters, but they are also imperfect and frequently intimidating. People hate to acknowledge that they weren’t thinking, forgot themselves for a minute, or were just too hurried to do something the safer way. The good investigator gets to root cause, so that a permanent fix can be put in place. AlongContinue Reading

Summer Travel – Trips by Car

When my family takes long trips by car, we are conscious of the halfway point, as though the second half is easier than the first half. It might feel that way, as though we’re almost there, but we need to give those last few hundred miles the same attention and care as we did theContinue Reading

Technology Brings Change, and More Safety Risks

My son turned 20 recently, and I was thinking about how he has grown up surrounded by technology. If I recall correctly, his first word was “rewind”. In those two decades, the VCR has started on its path to extinction, and technology has taken a stronger role in the lives of most people. Technology keepsContinue Reading

Peak Performance Includes Managing the Peaks

There are lots of distractions, we need to recognize them and not let them get in our way.Continue Reading

It’s Good To Investigate

One thing about accidents is that we can usually spot after the fact exactly how we could have avoided them. Often we are embarrassed by the result of a post-incident investigation. Being human means that we will make mistakes. The key is that we learn from them. That’s why investigation procedures in some businesses areContinue Reading

Fatherhood Is Earned

The title of Father is earned. Why do we encourage our children to be safe, and neglect to set a basic example?Continue Reading

Hold Hands Crossing The Street

Like my previous post, this is another one of those cautions we heard in our younger years. This one though, implies that somehow we are safer when we connect with others. What’s behind the idea is simple: Two heads, or maybe two sets of eyes and ears, are better than one. When undertaking a potentiallyContinue Reading

Don’t Run With Scissors!

This is probably one of the earliest safety warnings any of us might remember. It’s right up there with, “Don’t touch, that’s hot”. These are some of the first big “Don’t” warnings that we give our children. Some parents take this to an extreme, and try to keep their children from anything that would beContinue Reading

Practice, Practice, Practice

The story goes that a lost tourist asks a native New Yorker “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” The local replies “Practice, practice, practice”. A few years ago I went on a trip with my son’s chorus, and a night of bowling was on the agenda. When I noticed the choral director looked botheredContinue Reading

What Do You Want Your Statistic To Be?

I love statistics. Or how people use statistics to prove a point. I remember someone telling me that statistics are like a light pole. It can illuminate or it can be used by a drunk to hold himself up. Take this one for example: Seventy-five percent of all adult deaths are preventable. I don’t rememberContinue Reading